Saturday, 5 May 2012

Just a few holiday snaps

It's Sunday and I'll be joining the good folk at St George's for their morning serviced shortly. So todays blog is simply a selection of photos, now that I have figured out how to post more than one picture at a time.

The Roman aquaduct at Ceaserea carried water from the mountains to the city for many centuries. The yellow stone glows as the sun sets over the sea. This is where I worked twenty-six years ago.

The detritus of the many conflicts still litters the landscape, much now serving as memorials to those who fell capturing one dusty lump of rock or another. When I worked in Israel last time I fashioned my sampling equipment out of spare bits or rocket launcher left lying around.

Rock cut steps lead up the side of this steep wadi in the desert. Monks used to live in caves at the top.

The harsh salt landscape by the Dead Sea.

Camels! Had to get a shot with camels. These belong to local Bedouin who still roam the wilderness much as they have done for thousands of years. Modern minefields do cause them some difficulties.

Ibex, saved from extinction over recent decades. This is a young male with only short horns.

Rock Hyrax, otherwise known as Rock Badgers, otherwise called Conies. These cat sized creatures cannot regulate their body temperature, unlike most mammals, and so have to lounge in the sun to get going at the start of the day. In this country we call them teenagers.

More Hyrax, cos they're cute. These are two young. They tend to keep together in family groups of up to thirty. I saw nine at one time.
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